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Our company is based on quality work and professional attitude towards our clients as well as employees. We always deliver the best service on time and in accordance with industry quality standards.


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About us

In the beginning of 2014, an opportunity was offered to independently provide services in the market of installations and assembly in the automotive industry. We first entered the market with the company Peter Aplenc s.p., electrical services. Given that there were three founders from the very beginning, we then founded the company AVK Avtomatizacija d.o.o. in July 2014.

AVK Avtomatizacija offers complete solutions – design, production, assembly and commissioning – mechanical, electrical and pneumatical installations from a single source. Together with the client, we develop and define the final solutions so that the projects are completed flawlessly on time and to the customer’s great satisfaction. We take over your project on an hourly or price basis and offer full support as your partner until the final realization.

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